The Ayurvedic Detox Routine for The Morning

The Ayurvedic Morning Routine

Ayurveda emphasizes a morning routine that nourishes and cleanses the body, and gently rouses the mind.  The morning routine sets the stage for the rest of the day.

Get Your Lymph Moving

The lymphatic system is essentially the body’s sewage system.  It collects waste from the cells and carries it via the lymph fluid to the appropriate eliminatory organs where it is excreted from the body.  If the lymph system is not working correctly, fluid can accumulate in the body and cause low immunity, sluggishness, water retention and many other unpleasant symptoms. In the morning, there are certain practices that we can do to assist the body in moving the lymph fluid.


1.  Drink A Glass of Water

To help keep your lymph healthy, after you brush your teeth, drink a glass of room temperature water.  This will help with flushing the lymphatic fluid, rehydration and stimulating a bowel movement.


2. Dry Skin Brush

Invest in a dry skin brush from your natural grocer to stimulate lymphatic fluid, blood circulation and to exfoliate the skin.  Choose a dry skin brush with firm natural bristles. Use gentle light strokes over your entire body that go toward the heart. Start from your ankles and work your way up your legs to your arms, chest, back, and stomach. Do not brush your face or genitals.  Avoid areas with irritations or abrasions.  Do not brush over varicose veins.  Use about 10-15 very light strokes per area.


3. Self-Massage with Ayurvedic Oils

After you are done dry skin brushing, self-massage with ayurvedic oils, organic body oils or plain untoasted sesame oil.  The ayurvedic practice of self-massage boosts the immune system, enhances immunity, and calms the nervous system.

Follow the same stroke pathways you used in dry skin brushing.  Begin at the ankles and use long strokes toward the heart. Use circular strokes over your joints.  Spend extra time on your low abdomen using large clockwise strokes to stimulate elimination. 

4. Get Some Exercise

After you have oiled your body it is time for some brisk exercise.  A restorative yoga practice, walk or bike ride, can help to wake you up, increase endorphins, counter depression, and enhance concentration. Exercise hard enough to induce your body to sweat.  Sweating is a natural detoxification pathway of the body; take advantage of it. 

5.  Practice Meditation

When you are done exercising, practice some form of meditation, stress reduction, or self-inquiry practice. In ayurveda and yoga, knowing the self is key to operating in alignment with our unique purpose and needs.  If you do not have a meditation practice, you can begin by sitting comfortably in a chair and keep your spine straight.  Take long deep breaths for a count of 5 on the inhalation and 5 on the exhalation.  Do this for 5-minutes or more.  When you have finished your breathing practice simply ask the questions:  ‘How does my body feel right now?’  How does my heart feel right now?  How does my mind feel right now?’  You can also book a session with me and I can develop a personal meditation program for you. 

After your meditation practice take a shower and get ready for your day.