Imagine Your Dream Day Into Reality

One of the first exercises that I have new clients do is take a few minutes to imagine their 'dream day.' The 'Dream Day' that I am talking about is rooted in the reality of every day life.  It's not a dream vacation or a super hero power day — it is a 'what would you be doing with your every day life,' if you realized all your health and wellness goals type of day.  How do you want to be living your actual life?   To help my clients get started I pose a few questions: 


1.  What time would you go to sleep and wake up?

2.  What would you eat and what time would you eat it?

3.  What would you be doing for work and what time would you work?

4.  How about exercise and physical activity? 

5.  Where does leisure or social activity fit in?

6.  Are there any important projects, hobbies, interests you are working on during your dream day?  When?


After we collect these answers, we put their dream day on an actual calendar and identify where the blocks are in living this dream day.  Often, lack of preparation (didn't grocery shop, didn't prepare food, etc) is the primary impediment to eating right.  Not creating the time is the biggest cause for not working on projects or exercising.  Not getting enough sleep, or staying up to late, is often a huge factor in not utilizing time during the day as well.


We use what we discover as my client's 'dream day' as one of the end goals in our working program together.  Each person has an individual purpose (dharma) to realize in this life.  In ayurveda, the realization of individual purpose is foundational to health.  My job as an ayurvedic practitioner is to be supportive of my client's realization of their dharma, which is a very personal discovery for most.


Of course, I interject a few helpful ayurvedic tidbits on daily lifestyle that I believe will help to maximize my client's strength.  While there are many other daily lifestyle practices in ayurveda, these are are often the suggestions I make to the new comer. 

  • Eat at regular times to maximize digestion and immunity while balancing weight.
  • Meditate daily connect with your Inner Knower.
  • Get good sleep, it helps to keep you vital and strong.
  • Favor seasonal fruits and vegetables and try to get them locally for they are higher in nutrient value and are carry special antidotal properties that will keep you healthy.


The benefits of writing out an ideal dream day are innumerable.  Mostly, it gives us something to work toward.  It helps identify how we would like to be living our lives, and how we are actually living our lives.  It provides the framework for a strategy and a plan to get from where we are at to where we would like to go.  It brings to light where our resistance lies, and what opposing factors we need to over come to realize our dream day.  I encourage you to take a moment and write out your dream day and see what comes up for you.