“The results have been like anything I have experienced.”

"I am currently on a detox program with Monica, and the results have been unlike anything else I have experienced regarding my skin condition. A couple of years ago, I started to experience an increase in acne on my face and arms. Additionally, I have a scalp condition. The results have been exactly what I was hoping for. The detox program has reduced my acne and my scalp is also slowly getting back into it's normal state."

Mihir Surati

“Blown away by the results!”

"I recently did a detox with Monica and was blown away by the results. Not only were Monica's remedies healing and powerful (I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight!), but her close support made the experience that much more satisfying."

Rachel Holtzman


"I experienced TOTAL alleviation of anxiety (an omnipresent struggle with which I've had little to no success in treating in the past). And most significantly -- I have experienced a sustained mental clarity, sense of balance, felt more in touch with my body and more acutely aware of its needs." — Margaret R.

I lost ten pounds (not even my initial goal!) and still feel that I am experiencing my body closer to its optimum and natural state. My acne cleared up, energy is more balanced, and my mental fog is gone. The meditations she prepared have helped me figure out my goals and helped my sense of purpose return. Monica’s passion and warmth are immediately noticeable, I highly recommend working with her.
— Lisa Myers, North Carolina

“Monica has nurtured my intuition and revealed my inner healer.”

Over the past 4 years, Monica Yearwood has helped lead me to robust health through body treatments, lifestyle practices, nutrition counseling, herbal remedies, sound work, asana, and other Vedic modalities. She is fluent in Ayurvedic methods both standard (such as panchakarma) and rare (tarpana), and is a dedicated and kind practitioner. An excellent diagnostician, Monica is realistic and flexible in her treatment suggestions. With clear insight and able guidance, Monica has nurtured my intuition and revealed my inner healer."

— Lisa T.

“Best decision I ever made.”

“Although weight loss wasn't the goal of my cleanse I lost between 12 and 15 lbs. It has been almost a month since I ended the cleanse and I have continued to loose weight, started new exercise programs, have given up sugar, dairy, and gluten (all issues for me before i started the cleanse).  I have so much energy and feel younger.  Best decision I ever made.” 

Denyse Ffrench


“She is everything you can ask for in an ayurvedic practitioner.”

When I took Monica's ayurvedic detoxification program, I felt a very real difference in my energy levels.  I feel much healthier and clearer now, I'm much more balanced, I lost some unnecessary pounds, and I don't get tired in the middle of the day anymore.  That, and I learned so much more about this amazing ancient health system.  Monica very patiently handled my seemingly endless stream of questions about ayurveda, and she worked with me to customize the detoxification program to my very specific needs.  She is everything you can ask for in an ayurvedic practitioner--knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly devoted to her craft.”

J. Daquilanea

“I lost 8 pounds over the course of 10 days!”

My cleanse went really well!  I was very happy to be cooking and being mindful of what I was eating and what was going into my body, and how I was treating myself.  I lost 8 pounds over the course of 10 days, which I think was better than expected! 

— K. Lipski