Are You Looking To….

  • develop a deep inner connection with your personal purpose.

  • create healthy food habits and lose unnecessary pounds. 

  • take profound responsibility for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • cultivate relationships with integrity and improve your communication skills. 

  • improve your self-worth.

  • eliminate your fears about your health.

  • naturally resolve symptoms of stress-related diseases and lifestyle related diseases. 

  • let go of the past so that you are not attracted to relationships that demean you.

  • become conscious of hidden belief systems that dictate your poor habits. 

  • embrace yourself and become conscious of your inner strengths.

  • cultivate radiant confidence.

  • learn how to direct your thoughts so that you are less irritable and reactive. 

Our Clients Have Been Able To Resolve

digestive issues

excess weight

poor eating habits


symptoms of depression

symptoms of anxiety

difficulty concentrating

lack of motivation

disconnection from purpose

low immunity

low confidence

conflicted personal relationships

chronic physical pain

emotional closure


type 2 diabetes

insulin resistance

irrational fear

ruminating thoughts

dissatisfaction with career

victim mentality

What Our Clients Gain…

We have helped hundreds of men and women reclaim their mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing through our distinct online group coaching programs, and in-person panchakarma programs that I offer at Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga in Chicago.

Our clients have overcome symptoms of stress-related and lifestyle-related diseases such as anxiety, depression, excess weight, digestive issues, immune system dysfunction and skin imbalances.

In our program, you will learn how to diffuse negative inner beliefs and patterns so that you will no longer be attracted to relationships that minimize or put you down. You will learn how to use your food as medicine so that you can use it to heal your body and your mind.  You will align with your body so that you desire the foods that support your health, and lose the craving for the foods that keep you unwell. And, develop radiant confidence and see distinct improvements in all areas of your life as you unleash your authenticity to the world. Finally, you learn the skills to live in alignment with the seasons and cycles of nature, and how to use each season’s specific tools to build your immune system and detoxify your body.

One of my favorite things that I love to hear clients tell me is that they notice how much better that they feel in conjunction with a distinct change in their behavior and their mood. They are no longer hyper-reactive, moody, irritable and that they feel like they let go of issues that they struggled over for years. Read some of my success stories here.

Our Programs


Self-Care 101

Woman With Inner Mastery

Woman With Inner Mastery is a mastermind group and coaching program for the woman who wants to realize her highest life-potential fully. She is not satisfied with the current status quo and believes in her ability to actualize her strengths on all levels. She wants radiant health, financial abundance, harmonious and loving relationships, and she will not settle for anything less.

If you are ready to accelerate the realization of who you truly are and to unearth and recover your potential, then this program is for you.  Please keep in mind that we limit the group to 10 at a time. In addition, we have an application and interview process, and we give preference to the women who have graduated from Self-Care For Women 101. If you are suffering from the consequences of poor self-care, than we strongly advise that you consider beginning with Self-Care For Women 101.

Woman With Inner Mastery Includes:

Align with likeminded women who will offer you support, strength, and community.

  • You will get group coaching and custom 1:1 mentoring

  • 1/2 day immersions at Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga in Chicago each season.  You are encouraged to join us in person, but you can also participate virtually.  

  • Virtual group coach sessions are held fortnightly.

  • Yearlong course curriculum, videos, reading material.

  • You can join our program from anywhere in the world.

  • There is an application process that includes an interview. You must be ready and willing to welcome monumental transformation and growth into your life, with me by your side, supporting you every single step of the way.

Self-Care For 101 takes your through an 8-week journey that teaches you how to manage your stress and eliminate anxiety. Most men and women need help and education on how to care for themselves.  If you are one of them you are not alone.  In fact, the majority of illnesses, diseases, and deaths in the United States and modernized countries are caused by poor lifestyle and stress.

Self-care is the most potent medicine that you have. It is how you show up for yourself in each moment of your life. It includes how you conduct yourself in your relationships, position yourself professionally, and handle your personal responsibilities. Self-care should address spiritual, mental, and physical health. It is the antidote to the lifestyle diseases that cause the majority of premature and avoidable deaths today.

Self-Care 101 Includes:

  • Identifying the root cause of your health concerns.

  • Mindset training.

  • Weekly live group coaching sessions.

  • Private classes to members only.

  • Complete 8-week health and wellness program, addressing every area of your life that affects your wellness.

  • Videos, audios, menu planner templates, and more.

  • Communication skills and training.

  • Identifying what you want and building a lifestyle that supports it.

  • Access to our private online community

  • Self-Care action plan that dissolves internal barriers that stop you from taking care of your health.