First, Assess If You Haven’t Yet

Important Methods Of Observation. If you haven't done this yet, take the time now to go through and watch these videos and print out the observation sheets.

How do you know if what you are doing is working or not? How can you measure your health? Watch these videos so that you can learn what ancient medical sciences have been teaching for thousands of years.

  1. Video: Important methods of observation

  2. Video: Learn What Your Bowel Movements Can Tell You And How To Read Them.

  3. Video: Learn What Your Tongue Can Tell You And How To Read It.

  4. Print these sheets out and put them in your bathroom fill them out every day. Print them here.

Important Quizzes & Assessments To Take Now

The first step to change is being able to observe who you are now. Look at yourself through an Ayurvedic lens and take a series of quizzes and assessments that will help you.

  1. Video: What Is Your Base Constitution?

  2. Quiz: Learn What Your Base Constitution Is.

  3. Video: What Is Your Current Constitution?

  4. Quiz: Learn What Your Current Constitution Is.

  5. Video: What Is Your Mind Type?

  6. Quiz: Learn What Your Mind Type Is.

  7. Video: What Is Your Digestive Type?

  8. Quiz: Learn What Your Digestive Type Is.

Foundation Meditation Practices

  1. If you’re new to yogic breathing. PLEASE start with this practice and find your breath! Do this every day for 7-days before moving on to your more specific breathing practices that are advised in your monthly issue. Here is the link to the Brick Meditation.