Not An Out of the Box Cleanse.

Get a tailored cleanse for you and your unique constitution that addresses your specific goals and any potential imbalance(s). Lose weight permanently.  Boost and regulate metabolism leading to successful weight loss.   Regulate your immune system.  Solve complicated skin disorders. Balance blood sugar. Reverse premature aging caused by chronic stress.  Extend life.

You do not have to become a vegan or follow dietary restrictions that are to hard for you.

I assess you physically, mentally, spiritually and customize something that will push you far enough to attain permanent results, but I will not set you up for failure.  We want lasting benefits so that at your next cleanse, you can go deeper.


Monica’s detox program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my overall health and wellness. I lost ten pounds (not even my initial goal!) and still feel that I am experiencing my body closer to its optimum and natural state. My acne cleared up, energy is more balanced, and my mental fog is gone. The meditations she prepared have helped me figure out my goals and helped my sense of purpose return. Monica’s passion and warmth are immediately noticeable, I highly recommend working with her.
— Lisa Myers, North Carolina



Cleanse expert and herbalist.

I created my line Hamsa Apothecary in 2013 and customize formulas for my private clients.  As an herbalist and an aromatherapist, I am able to formulate your herbs, supplements and oils for your constitution and for your imbalance(s). — you can reorder when needed, forever.



Yoga & meditation instructor

As an ayurvedic practitioner, my programs integrate yoga and meditation to help release negative mental tendencies and self-limiting belief systems that hold you back. 




Includes assessment and customized herbal formulas for your constitution,

3-sessions with me, lifestyle program and cleanse.  

How It Works:  After you purchase your program I will email you intake forms.  Once I receive your completed intake forms, you can book your session with me.  I cannot schedule your first session until I receive your assessment forms.  Currently, from the time you purchase your Home Based Cleanse Program (assuming you fill out your paperwork within 72-hours), it takes me 2-weeks to create your program and herbal formulas.