First, Assess If You Haven’t Yet

Important Methods Of Observation. If you haven't done this yet, take the time now to go through and watch these videos and print out the observation sheets.

How do you know if what you are doing is working or not? How can you measure your health? Watch these videos so that you can learn what ancient medical sciences have been teaching for thousands of years.

  1. Video: Important methods of observation

  2. Video: Learn What Your Bowel Movements Can Tell You And How To Read Them.

  3. Video: Learn What Your Tongue Can Tell You And How To Read It.

  4. Print these sheets out and put them in your bathroom fill them out every day. Print them here.

Important Quizzes & Assessments To Take Now

The first step to change is being able to observe who you are now. Look at yourself through an Ayurvedic lens and take a series of quizzes and assessments that will help you.

  1. Video: What Is Your Base Constitution?

  2. Quiz: Learn What Your Base Constitution Is.

  3. Video: What Is Your Current Constitution?

  4. Quiz: Learn What Your Current Constitution Is.

  5. Video: What Is Your Mind Type?

  6. Quiz: Learn What Your Mind Type Is.

  7. Video: What Is Your Digestive Type?

  8. Quiz: Learn What Your Digestive Type Is.

Orientation Meditation Practices

Week 1: The Lymphatic System


The lymphatic system is the body’s sewage system. Congested lymph can lead to mental fog and difficulty losing weight. Deficient lymph can cause low immunity. This week you will learn how to care for your lymph. Get an overview in this video.

Niacin Flush Protocol. Do 2-3 Times This Week

Week 1 Meditation & Yoga Practices To Do With Niacin Flush

Week 2: The Liver, Blood & S. Intestine


Toxins in the liver and blood can cause anger and skin disorders. Imbalances in the S. Intestine can interfere with proper functioning digestion. This week you will learn about an Ayurvedic practice for cleansing these areas called snehana virechana.

Do This For 3-5 Days This Week.

Are you frequently angry? Is your digestion irregular? Do you suffer from a skin disorder? You would benefit from snehana virechana which is one of ayurveda's safest cleanse protocols for home use.

Get the protocol when you watch this video here.

Week 2 Meditation

Week 3: The Colon & Exploring Resistance


Do you suffer from chronic constipation, bloating, gas, dryness, fear and anxiety? You could benefit from basti (herbal enema) therapy.

Learn how here.

How To Do An Enema

Ayurvedic medicine teaches that 80% of imbalances can be treated through the colon. Learn how to do the protocol and refer to your guide for recommendations on how it can benefit you.

Watch it here.

Learn better by reading? Get a written protocol of the enema protocol here.

Week 3 Meditation

Do this yoga practice for strengthening your colon every day this week.

Watch it here.

Additional Helpful Lectures For This Week

Week 4: The Lifestyle Plan


Your lifestyle is the most influential aspect on your health and the what you have most control over, and yet many of us struggle to stay consistent doing the things that we know are best for us. As we start to enter into the 4th week of our program, we have to be more intentional at examining our personal belief systems and letting go of what no longer serves.

Catch an overview of the week here.

Self-Care Action Plan

This is a rich and powerful lesson that will take you about an hour to complete. Make time for it. This video will teach you why it is important to practice a self-care, and inspire you to take time for yourself. All of your life flows from you. When you are full so is everything.

Watch it here.

Download your self-care action plan worksheet here.

Sadhana - The Ayurvedic Art Of Living With The Nature For Health

Many ayurvedic practices that align our biorhythms with the cycles in nature have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years.  And yet, recent demands and opportunities in modern life pull us from the ability to easily sync up with nature's cycles. When we live in alignment we enhance health in body and in mind, but when we detour we foster disease processes of all kinds.

Learn about the important sadhana practices for you here.

Week 5: Master Your Morning

The Most Powerful Part Of Your Day.

How you spend your morning dictates the way that you spend the rest of your day. Your morning is a reflection of the way you live your life. If you want to be a creator take control of your morning.

Here’s how.

Week 6: The Gut-Brain Axis & Healing Methods


If you have noticed that there is a correlation between the state of your digestion and your emotional health, or if you have suspected that your mental/emotional disposition has been impacting your physical body, then this lecture is for you.

Watch It Here.

Daily Methods For Digestive Health

Digestion and emotional/health are connected. Even so, there are certain foods that we all should be eating on a daily basis to keep our digestion strong.

The 4-most important intestinal healers everyone should eat on a daily basis.

Important food-based antibiotics that maintain the health of the gut.

The daily methods for keeping digestion strong.

Week 7: Emotional Release Techniques


Unresolved trauma can powerfully impact the body and the mind. What do we do when we have experienced a profound trauma or chronic stress? There are certain ancient practices that we can use that are substantiated by current research.

Listen to this lecture to learn what these are.

Ancestral Healing Practices For Emotional Release

Tarpana is an ancient vedic practice used to free us from inherited karma we received from our familial lineage. It can be especially powerful to perform with family members we knew personally, even if they are not deceased. Tarpana allows us to connect with aspects of our personality that we associate with other family members, and believe are holding us back from being our true selves. If a relationship with a family member or other close person has been brutalized with confusion and negative emotions, tarpana gives space to relinquish those thoughts, out loud and without judgment.  Tarpana can also be used on non-family members.

Introduction To Meditations For Emotional Release

Week 7 Meditation

Week 8: Live Your Purpose


Discover your true purpose and live it. This is a cornerstone to real health. Watch it here.