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Woman With Inner Mastery is a mastermind group and coaching program for the woman who wants to realize her highest life-potential fully. She is not satisfied with the current status quo and believes in her ability to actualize her strengths on all levels. She wants radiant health, financial abundance, harmonious and loving relationships, and she will not settle for anything less.

If you are ready to accelerate the realization of who you truly are and to unearth and recover your potential, then this program is for you. 


Now Is The Time To Live A Life In Balance.

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Here’s Some Of What You’ll Discover


Become clear about your purpose, goals, and desires. Think big! Then, learn and apply practices that enhance your digestion and immunity, detoxify your body, and support you to actualize your dreams.


Develop an empowering lifestyle that supports your health through diet, meditation, and self-awareness so that you can enhance your digestion, balance your immune system, and stay on course to the actualization of your true potential.


Uncover and heal your hidden beliefs that drive unhealthy behaviors, and the attraction toward negative relationship patterns, so that you can be free of bad habits, trust yourself to make positive life-supporting choices, and radiate confidence.

What Is Involved?

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  • Your investment in the program can be paid upfront for the first 6 months and then every month thereafter. We also have payment plans.

  • Yearlong course curriculum that teaches you how to actualize your individual purpose, master your health, and let go of negative patterns.

  • Virtual group coaching that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  7PM CST Every Other Wednesday.

  • Monthly workshop to uncover, explore, and heal the hidden beliefs that drive your unhealthy behaviors, emotional unease, and attraction to negative relationship patterns.

  • Seasonal immersion day (4-total) to design the life you want and implement a structured plan to achieve your goals (diet, financial, relationship) in a supportive setting with other women. 

  • All course curriculum, monthly workshops, seasonal immersions are available online. You can take this course regardless of where you are in the world.

  • Day-long immersions and monthly workshops are held at Hamsa Ayurveda in Chicago. You can fly in and join us, but you can also access all course curriculum, monthly workshops, and seasonal immersions on-line.