In this section you can find all of your morning meditation practices for the 8-week course. Each week you will learn a new yogic practice. After the course is over, you can practice one or more of these on their own. While you are in the course, we encourage you to experience different breath, sound and movement practices that can powerfully shift your consciousness and awaken your inner healer.

Orientation Week Meditations

Introduction To Morning Meditations

In this video you will learn about the importance of meditating in the morning. As you move through each week of the course, you will learn additional practices. Watch the video here.

Morning Movement Meditation - Do This Every Day Of Course

Do this movement meditation in the morning to keep your spine limber before the breathing practices that you will learn later in your course. Do this everyday starting now. Watch the video here.

Meditation To Get What You Want - Do This Once

Do this meditation at least once to connect with what you want. Use it if you start to veer, fall off the bandwagon, doubt, or get misdirected. Meditate with me here.

Week 1 - Meditations For The Lymph

Bhastrika Pranayama - Do this every morning for week 1

Do bhastrika pranayama everyday